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Book Review: Dream College

By Rachael Apfel

Applying to college neither begins nor ends with the college application itself. Instead, the college admissions process is a complex procedure, with many materials to prepare, options to consider, and decisions to make. As a former guidance counselor and an independent college advisor, Kpakpundu Ezeze, Ed.D.\’83, knows this process inside and out. In his latest book, Dream College, he synthesizes three decades of academic advising to present readers with an extensive guide for making college dreams a reality.

Divided into eight chapters, Dream College addresses three principal areas: planning for college, applying to college, and graduating from college. Each chapter both begins and ends with a brief passage from either a former student or parent, allowing readers to learn from the experiences, mistakes, and triumphs of others. From start to finish, the book not only demystifies the application process — explaining common terminology, policies, and procedure — but it also works to empower both parents and students to manage their relationships with school counselors and admissions officers. In addition to general advice targeted toward parents and students of all backgrounds, the book also contains specific sections aimed at more particular groups, including athletes, students with disabilities, students of color, and first-generation college students.

Never intended to be read cover to cover, Dream College is meant as a reference book that can be turned to at various stages of the application process. Filled with writing tips, fully analyzed admissions essays, calendars, checklists, self-evaluation tools, and scholarship resources, the book provides students and parents with advice and information for every step of the way. Representing the ultimate roadmap for the college admissions process, Dream College is a user-friendly guide that details the entire path — from freshman year in high school to senior year in college.

Book Review: Dream College