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Why Future Quest, Inc.

Future Quest knows and understands the prerequisites needed for college admission. These prerequisites consist of an effective curricular design for secondary education and a timely, persuasive college application. We endeavor to do the best we can to increase the chances of a student gaining access into the college of his or her choice.

Benefits of an Educational Consultant include:

  • Educational Consultants are able to focus exclusively on individualized planning and placement, whereas the school counselor’s energies are divided among multiple tasks and students
  • Educational Consultants understand all that is involved in the effort to select and apply to college
  • Gaining acceptance into the college has become increasingly competitive and Educational Consultants offer insight on how to prepare a stellar college application
About Us

Who We Are

Established in 1985, Future Quest offers a full spectrum of planning and consulting services tailored primarily to college-bound high school students. A national consulting firm that specializes in educational planning and college placement services, Future Quest has collaborated with a distinguished and diverse range of corporate entities, non-profit organizations, and private parties worldwide to achieve positive outcomes for their educational programs.

About Us
About Us

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