Future Quest
A national consulting firm that specializes in educational planning and college placement services.


The journey to college does not happen overnight.
— Dr. Kpakpundu Ezeze 

Dr. Kpakpundu Ezeze, Founder & President

A national leader and public speaker in educational advising, Dr. Ezeze has over forty years of educational planning and consulting experience. Dr. Ezeze has worked extensively with first-generation college students as well as a diverse range of distinguished corporations, businesses, and non-profit entities. Some of his former clients include The Boys Choir of Harlem, New Jersey Nets Basketball Academic Camp, Salomon Brothers Inc., I Have a Dream Foundation, and Prudential Securities Adopt-a-School Program.Most recently, Dr. Ezeze has been involved with designing and implementing college advising programs for Charter Schools within the Washington, DC Metro Area and during the summers he serves as the Assistant Director for the (MS) Square Program at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. Dr. Ezeze received his Doctorate in Education from Harvard University in 1983.

Email: Futurequestinc1@gmail.com    Tel: (202) 247-5804

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Michael Ferby, Associate

Michael Ferby has over twenty years of experience as a Financial Aid Professional and Student Employment Coordinator for educational institutions.  He has presented on the topic of financial aid to families, secondary school programs, company employees, church and community groups, and civic and professional associations.

Mr. Ferby is a member of the National Association of Financial Aid Administration, the DC, DE, MD Student Financial Aid Administration, National Student Employment Association, and Northeastern Association of Student Employment Administrators. He is a graduate of Virginia State University and the Leadership Development Institute and Management Development Programs of Montgomery College.    

Email: M_ferby@yahoo.com    Tel: (703) 340-9318

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Stephanie Harzewski, Associate

After working in the Manhattan publishing sector, Stephanie Harzewski earned her PhD in English from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a Lecturer in the English department at the University of New Hampshire and the author of numerous publications on literature, popular culture, and female sexuality. As an Associate of Future Quest, she specializes in college admissions essay consultations and more general writing and editing projects.

Email: Stephanie.a.harzewski@gmail.com    Tel: (347) 277-1679

Sanjay Mitchell, Associate

Mr. Sanjay Mitchell has been working in the college admission and counseling profession for over 10  years. He started at the University at Albany (SUNY) where he served as the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions recruiting in the Western New York, New York City, and out-of-state regions. Currently he serves as the Director for College and Alumni Programs at the number-1 ranked open enrollment high school in the District of Columbia, Thurgood Marshall Academy PCHS. Mr. Mitchell is a member of the National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC). Mr. Mitchell earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from the University at Albany and currently resides in the Washington, DC area.

Email: sanjay.mitchell@gmail.com    Tel: (917) 676-8002

Deniz Memisoglu, Associate

Deniz was born in Ankara, Turkey and graduated from Ted Ankara College Foundation High School in 1974. Deniz received a BA in Linguistics from the University of Hacettepe, Ankara, Turkey and served as faculty there for 24 years. In 2004, she retired and went on to serve as the assistant to Janna Fortmann, consultant for Memorial Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. She then went back to Ted Ankara College Foundation where she worked as a Counselor for 10 years. Today, Deniz works as an independent counselor. She is mother to a son and daughter. 


LaVeta Hughes, Associate

For over 25 years, LaVeta Hughes has mentored youths from high school through college and worked with at-risk populations in California, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, New York, and Washington, DC. LaVeta received her BA from Purdue University and her MPA and MSW degrees from Columbia University.As an advocate for equitable educational attainment and college preparation opportunities, LaVeta is committed to transforming lives through education, leadership, and service. She is a proud mom of two girls and a bonus mom for several young scholars.